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Evolution of famous logo design

Below are famous Company logo that have changed over the years


 Cadbury logo



The Microsoft company was founded in 1975. The company’s mission of to provide quality products to its customers The current Microsoft was designed by Scott Baker has been adopted in 1987. The logo has Designed in Helvetica italic typeface

microsoft logo


Nike was founded in 1960s  by Phil Knight but was named Blue Ribbon Sports. The name Nike and its trademark swoosh was designed in 1971.The current nike logo  doesn’t have word but  its identifiable by its own

nike logo


The FIAT name Which stand for  Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino founded in 1899

The  car logo was simplified over the years becoming circular, with the name in red on a white background .In the  1968, the logo was redesigned featuring four blue rhombuses. 2006 a new FIAT logo was launched, seen for the first time on the Bravo, and set to be used on all future FIAT vehicles.

fiat logoFiat logo


Xerox Corporation was founded in 1906  as a  Haloid Company  to manufacture and sell photographic paper and equipment. The company changed its name to “Haloid Xerox” to  “Xerox” in 1961.

xerox logoxerox logoxerox logo

The logo is the most identifiable visual element in any brand. It helps customers discover, remember brand  and identity

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